Welcome to Siddiq Textile Industries

Siddiq Textile Industries is an Association of 100% export oriented industries producing terry towel & allied products. The idea of setting up of 100% export oriented terry towel and allied products manufacturing and exporting industries came into reality in 1990 through initiative of one foreign entrepurenure.

Siddiq Textile Industries is one of the fast growing and challenging sub sector of the textile sector of Pakistan. Bath robes, hand towel, kitchen towel etc. are the products from Siddique Textile Industries in one word. Demand of these products is increasing very fast globally and also significantly day by day in the local market. Consumers pay on an average $7 for bath towel and their households in America. In last decades, the importance of this sector has been increased enormously with the incremental global demand. As Pakistan is one of the major terry towel and other variety of towels products exporting country among the terry towel manufacturing countries of the world, the market analysis and SWOT analysis of Siddiq Textile Industries products is the demand of time for the terry manufacturer of our country. This report will help all in competitiveness assessment of terry towel sector in global arena. This paper covers Siddique Textile Industries products scopes, products demand and supply, buyer or market of products, product range, export volume, trend and reveals other opportunities, strength, threats etc of this sector. Pakistan is the number one choice of the importers for higher quality with low price of Siddique Textile Industries products specially terry towel.